BCD’s Life Sciences Center of Excellence has announced the launch of Centricity powered by BCD, a specialized offering that provides concierge patient travel, logistics, payment, special-needs facilitation and engagement strategies to life sciences companies. 

Illustrasjon - BCD Travel Centricity - 2021
BCD Travel Centricity (picture: BCD Travel)

With more than 20 years of experience and deep institutional knowledge across 40+ therapeutic areas, BCD is the largest life sciences travel, meetings and consultancy organization. BCD services 90% of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and more than 100 life sciences customers worldwide. Centricity builds on this expertise by centralizing their boutique services to offer customers flexible solutions that elevate and optimize the patient experience.

– Centricity is a natural progression of our work servicing the unique needs of our life sciences clients, said Kessie Bratko, Senior Vice President, Global Client Team, Centricity and LSCOE Senior Executive.

Kessie Bratko - BCD Travel Centricity - 2021
Kessie Bratko (Picture: BCD TRavel)

– Since announcing our expansion of support for patient-centered programs earlier this year, we’ve continued to build out our offerings and expertise. We’re positioned to deliver immediate improvements to patient servicing. The name ‘Centricity’ reflects our philosophy of putting patients at the heart of what we do. Ultimately, this benefits the broader life sciences community through improved patient engagement, retention and satisfaction.”

Centricity offers a wide range of benefits, including:

  • Concierge services

Patient engagement support via former nursing and caregiving staff offers patients a single point of contact for all their travel, logistics and payment needs. This trusted relationship offers tailored patient support with the empathy and support they need.

  • Special needs coordination

Patients require unique servicing. Enhanced solutions include considerations related to accessible ground and hotel options, extended connection times, dietary restrictions and after-hours support.

  • Payment and reimbursement
    Pre-payment of travel and logistics along with swift reimbursement, stipend payment or reloadable debit card options reduce the financial burden on the patient.
  • Enhanced patient communication
    Engagement strategies assist the patient through their journey. Specialized offerings from pre-trip itinerary to on-trip notifications and real-time ground transportation tracking capabilities, enhance the patient travel experience while enabling stakeholders to focus on core tasks.
  • Optimized supplier partners

Access to the resources, best practices and technology of BCD Travel and its worldwide influence support and empower the customer. And a strong network of global partners collaborate to drive the development of patient-centric programs.

– We intimately understand the needs of life sciences companies and know how to meet their requirements, said Jessica Azoulay, Vice President, Global Client Team, Centricity & LSCOE Senior Lead.

Jessica Azoulay  - BCD Travel Centricity - 2021
Jessica Azoulay (Picture: BCD Travel)

– Regardless of the type of interaction, from research and development to marketed products, we know that it’s critical to provide patients with the support they require. Patients must consider potential physical, emotional and financial burdens. When weighing participation, patients must balance their overall health status, family logistics, daily obligations, contingency planning and loss of earned income – all while coping with disease and treatment. Our teams understand those personal dynamics and are able to deliver the right solution through trusted relationships and compassionate service delivery.”

Centricity is globally available to companies in the life sciences sector. For more information, please visit bcdtravel.com/life-sciences/centricity or explore case studies HERE