Hahn Air Systems introduced its first 5W-Rail&Shuttle partner in 2019, Arlanda Express. As the Swedish-based operator enters major GDSs under Hahn Air Systems’ 5W two letter code, travel agents in 190 markets worldwide get the opportunity to easily book its local services between Stockholm Central and Arlanda Airport and issue tickets on the HR-169 document using their standard GDS reservation and ticketing process.

Arlanda Express is a Swedish operator providing train transportation between Stockholm Central (XEV) and Arlanda Airport (ARN).

Its service, running six times an hour during peak periods and once every fifteen minutes off-peak, offers an environmentally friendly alternative for travelers seeking fast transport options.

So far, 75 million people have taken advantage of the ArlandaLink and in 2017, over 3.7 million passengers used Arlanda Express for their trips to and from the airport. Arlanda Express has been designated by the Nature Conservation Association as a Good Environmental Choice.

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