Blogger campaign #youngDresden reaches four million potential Germany visitors

The German National Tourist Board (GNTB) and the Dresden Marketing GmbH (DMG) look back on a successful campaign for their joint #youngDresden blogger project.

The 22 participants published around 2000 posts in the various social media platforms (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). The unique followers on those platforms and accounts have a combined potential reach of close to four million, which adds up to a potential of 28 million impressions. On Twitter alone, the bloggers reached 2.8 million accounts. The most frequented markets by the bloggers were the U.S. (28 percent), followed by Spain and France (seven percent) as well as Great Britain and Italy with four percent each.

Between mid-January and the end of March, 22 bloggers from international source markets were hosted in the city on the River Elbe, following an invitation by the two cooperation partners.

The goal was to position this classic cultural capital as a highlight of the young travel Destination Germany and highlight the city’s cosmopolitan character by increasing Dresden’s presence on the online channels. Furthermore, high-quality content was to be generated for the online presence of Dresden and the GNTB.

As Petra Hedorfer, CEO of the GNTB explains:

– Destination Germany is already the number one culture destinations for Europeans on their worldwide travels. Beyond that, Dresden combines its internationally renowned cultural treasures with its lesser-known profile as a creative hotspot for young people. In this context, we were more than happy to partner with the DMG for this project.”