Tallink Grupp has announced its 2020 special cruises, which this time also include cruises to the Russian tourism hotspot St Petersburg in addition to the traditional destinations of Riga, Visby and Mariehamn, where special cruises have been organised for the last few years.

From Visby – the capital of Gotland (©otoerres)

In addition, a special cruise directly from Riga to Visby is another novelty for 2020, with Visby cruises only being available from Helsinki and Tallinn in recent years.

The special cruises operated by Tallink Grupp in 2020 will be the following:

  • Helsinki – Visby via Tallinn 
    There will be four departures for this cruise: Sunday 5 July, Sunday 12 July, Sunday 26 July, Sunday 2 August.
  • Helsinki – St. Petersburg via Tallinn 
    There will be two departures for this cruise: Wednesday 29 April, Monday 1 June.
  • Helsinki – Riga (non-stop)
    There will be two departures for this cruise: Sunday 28 June, Tuesday 11 August.
  • Helsinki – Mariehamn via Tallinn

There will be one departure for this cruise: Sunday 19 July.

  • Riga – Visby 
    There will be one departure for this cruise: Tuesday  2 June.

The Opera-house in Riga, Latvia (photo: ©otoerres)

The special cruises will be operated with Tallink Grupp’s vessel Silja Europa, except for the Riga-Visby cruise, which will be operated with the group’s Riga-Stockholm route vessel Isabelle.

Tickets for the 2020 special cruises will go on sale in the coming months. Information about the tickets going on sale will be published on the company’s websites and in the company’s social media channels.

Special cruises offer passengers a unique opportunity to visit destinations which don’t have regular route traffic from their location. Tallink Grupp has been providing special cruises annually since 2011.

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