Mallorca Tourism Foundation has launched a new App that will allow tourists to know the state of the beaches of the whole island in real time, all in order to make safer and easier the experience of visitors in this widely visited Spanish region.

App - Feel Safe Mallorca - -
Download the APP Platges de Mallorca with this QR code (picture:

The Safe Beaches App, which is available in four languages, includes all the beaches of Mallorca with lifeguard service. With it you can check in real time the following features:

  • Live beach capacity in percentages of occupation by means of easy-to-see icons in order to avoid crowds.
  • Bathing conditions in colour-coded flags.
  • Information on accessibility.
  • List of beaches by municipalities and complete view of the information for the whole region on the map.

If you are planning a trip to Mallorca, this service will help you during the entire customer journey, starting with the arrival, going through the current regulations that affect the different aspects of your stay, until the measures to be taken in the hypothetical case of contagion that are collected in the aforementioned App.

You can download it with the attached QR code.