Whether you’re still working from home or ready to emerge out into the sunshine or both, your soul cries out for something fresh, new. But with all of the realities out there — high gas, food and everything costs, no raises — how do you best come out of your cocoon? Here’s a fresh idea: treat yourself to a fabulous pedicure and a set to create your own flipflops look to work with all of your outfits. Flipping Bling to the fashion rescue! I was happy to be hosted to experience it.

Flipping Bling is a woman-created and owned company located in the flirty Southern town of Myrtle Beach, SC. The gals there are chic in an effortless, comfy way.

Here’s the concept: you take your flipflops and use the velcro loops to attach any of their designs. There’s no glue or clips or anything — you can pull them right off, without marring your shoes. I’m not a crafter, but the onsite video was an instant “ah-ha” moment. You’ll probably get it without the video.

There are dozens of designs and more are being created all the time. All kinds of looks are available, including exotic, preppy, glitzy, girly in lots of different fun colors, from neutrals to neon. The point is, you can change your look in the time it takes to pull off velcro! This makes for affordable, sustainable style, without trashing the oceans with dozens of plastic flipflops.

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