Wroclaw, Poland’s Copernicus Airport is pretty small: they’ve got one runway, one terminal and one cargo terminal. Except for a downstairs annex that’s kind of like a thumb on a hand, all the gates are pretty close to one another. At the very end of the hall ”but again, it’s not a long hallway” is their Executive Lounge. With the favorable exchange rates, it set me back about $25, but you can save a couple of dollars by buying a pass online HERE. You may even have a credit card or be enrolled in a frequent flyer program that allows you access for free. If you were going to get a snack and a newspaper anyway, this is a more elegant way to go . . . totally worth it.

Self-serve cocktail setup, including locally made bison grass vodka (Photos: by tamarmarcopolostyle)

There are a couple of different areas, such as for using their desktop, making arrangements for VIP transportation, etc., as well as a place to eat, read, watch a flat screen tv. The lighting is subdued – great for the red-eye and long-haul travelers. Their hours are 4:30 am to 9:00 pm. They don’t exclude arrivals, either . . . so, if you need a break before facing the world, it’s perfect. However, they are past security, so you need to have a boarding pass to enter.

There were various tea sandwiches, a delightfully presented egg/chicken salad and a garden salad. (Photos: by tamarmarcopolostyle)

I saw newspapers and magazines in Polish and English, including the International version of the New York Times. Remember when that used to be known as the International Herald Tribune?

The baked goods are made on premise, which is impressive. (Photos: by tamarmarcopolostyle)

They have a self-serve cocktail setup, including locally made bison grass vodka. I tried some and it was pretty terrific! It had notes of sweetgrass both on the nose and on the palate. I liked it straight. The various duty-free shops carried it, but I knew I would be passing through Germany and Canada that day, before heading back to the US . . . I knew that it would have been just a great big hassle. Plus, it’s available in the US!

They have some hot items, as well. I was there very early in the morning. (Photos: by tamarmarcopolostyle)

There were various tea sandwiches, a delightfully presented egg/chicken salad and a garden salad.

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Vegetarians will appreciate the cereal and fruit section. (Photos: by tamarmarcopolostyle)